Gvido Jr. Corso Di Munteanu passed with no problem the CAL 2 test !!!
The peoples who was there and saw him they tell that it was the best attack on CAL 2 and I am very proud of my young boy !!!

second day

17.11.2013 - Raduno Dell Anno 2013 - Italy

Junior Class - 36 junior males
Judge: Mr. Massimo Inzoli

Gvido Jr. Corso Di Munteanu entered in final and was the last one who left the ring before first 4 places in class
but I am very proud of my sweet boy that he on only 13 months old was in final on such a big competition!
This is only a good beginning for us !

For all this I want to thank to Milan Milena Ognjenovic - Alfa Dog Dresura for wonderful presentation,
for training and preparing Gvido Jr. for show and Cal 2 and want to salute a great work on CAL 2 !!!